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To connect, educate, and empower restaurants, bars, chefs & caterers with the best practices, suppliers & resources for business success.

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GAHFN is a community of owners, educators, industry partners, and consultants committed to owner growth. 

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The Georgia Hospitality & Foodservice Network is where owners find the resources they need to operate. 

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a consultant to guide you, an operations-focused class, to be matched up with a vetted service provider, to share your story, or to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs in the foodservice industry.

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Is your hotel, restaurant, food truck, catering, or concessions operations getting its share of food sales in Georgia?

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$899 billion

​ U.S. restaurant industry’s estimated sales in 2020 

9 in 10 

restaurants have fewer than 50 employees

$24.9 billion

 Georgia food sales

in 2018


Consumers say they are more likely to incorporate restaurant-prepared items-such as a main dish, side, or dessert- into their home-prepared meals than they were 2 years ago.


Member Highlight

Athens, Georgia

Rashe’s Cuisine provides Jamaican inspired home style, comfort food. Rashe’s Cuisine has been sourcing and serving food to nourish the body and soul since 1993. Rashe (pronounced Ra-She) Malcolm has been part of the Athens community for many, many years. Her welcoming smile and warm embrace are as much a part of the meal as the fork (you won’t need a knife to cut the juicy, tender meats Rashe’s serves!)

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