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To connect, educate, and empower restaurants, bars, chefs & caterers with the best practices, suppliers & resources for business success.

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GAHFN is a community of owners educators, industry partners, and consultants committed to owner growth. 

The Georgia Hospitality & Foodservice Network is where owners find the information and resources they need to operate.
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Is your hotel, restaurant, food truck, catering, or concessions operations getting its share of food sales in Georgia?

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$899 billion

​ U.S. restaurant industry’s estimated sales in 2020 

$24.9 billion

 Georgia food sales in 2018

9 in 10 

restaurants have fewer than 50 employees


Consumers say they are more likely to incorporate restaurant-prepared items-such as a main dish, side, or dessert- into their home-prepared meals than they were 2 years ago.

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Industry Partner Highlight

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Founded by Gary Tolliver and his wife Dorothy, CRT is a Georgia-based, food-safety restaurant consulting firm. With over 21 years of restaurant management experience, CRT's mission is to provide SMALL restaurant owners (1-30 units) with the same 5 Star level of food safety training & expertise that larger chains receive.

Did you know?
A foodborne illness outbreak at a single restaurant location keeps more than a third of consumers from dining at any location in the chain. 17% of diners say they'd never return to a chain with a negative health score or food-borne illness outbreak again. It only gets worse when multiple locations of a chain are involved.

Click here to protect your food safety operations by scheduling your needed ServSafe class or food safety audit with CRT Atlanta:

Foodservice Industry Benefit

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