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Emergency Planning for Restaurants and Bars

By Adam Olijnyk, Society Insurance Risk Control Representative

When disaster strikes, it is hard to know what to do next. Having an emergency plan in place will allow your business to react quickly and efficiently to minimize the impact of the emergency. Whether faced with a fire, robbery, inclement weather or other emergency, a plan is critical to save time, money and possibly even save lives.

Here are some helpful tips on how to begin creating a plan:

  • Research the many types of incidents that can occur within your business (i.e., burglary, fire, flood, tornado, active shooter, cyber threats, etc.). Each of these incidents requires its own detailed plan. While some disasters can be prevented, some are unexpected, resulting in the need for both you and your employees to be ready for whatever may arise.

  • Identify where your business is most vulnerable, both internally and externally, and make sure to have insurance coverages tailored to your needs. In the hospitality industry, there are many aspects of the business that require protection, and if you wait until after a disaster to figure out what kind of coverage you have, it could be too late. It is never too early to prepare.

  • Develop specific steps for both customers and employees to follow during a disaster. It is one thing to know about different disasters and another thing to prepare for what to do if one happens. Whether the steps are in the form of a video or written guide, make sure employees are aware of the importance.

  • Perform monthly drills with new and old employees. Repeating these drills monthly helps to ensure that everyone remains calm during an actual event. While there will always be aspects of a disaster that are not prepared for, you can make sure to cover what is most important. Practice makes perfect!

  • Make sure all precautions are in place to mitigate the impact. For example, having a backup generator in case of a power outage would be a precaution that would help avoid food spoilage, lost computer files and potential panic from customers. Another precaution would be ensuring that equipment is properly maintained and clean to prevent fires.

If a disaster does strike your business, recovery is just as important as preparation. Insurance is crucial for providing a smooth recovery after a disaster. Protecting employees, customers and property is vital to running a successful business. All businesses should be proactive and consider these tips to be aware and stay safe.

Society Insurance is recognized throughout the industry as a leader in providing superior restaurant and bar insurance custom-tailored to fit the unique needs of each operation. To learn more, visit

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