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How Tamper Evident Labels Can Make Food Delivery Safe

Author: Tyden Brooks

In recent years, having food delivered to your home or office from your favorite restaurant has been made possible through services like  Uber Eats ,  DoorDash , and  Grubhub . Whereas before, you could only get pizza and a few select foods delivered, now you can get anything from fast-food to a fancy four-course meal delivered to your front door. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants, large and small, are depending on these delivery services to keep their businesses running. That being said, it is also extremely important, now more than ever, that the public is protected from contamination and pilferage.

In a surprising and rather disturbing statistic from a  U.S. Foods survey , 28% of delivery drivers have admitted to taking food from an order, and those are just the ones who admit it. This means the delivery driver has opened the food containers, touched and taken food from the order, eaten it, reclosed the container and delivered it to a customer. A report from CBS2 News in New York  covered this story .

This is an unacceptable and dangerous behavior, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic; contamination is a serious threat. This is where TydenBrooks steps in to protect both restaurants and the public from theft, pilferage, and ultimately, contamination.

The TydenBrooks Solution

TydenBrooks  is dedicated to protecting our customers and the public. For 146 years, we have used our knowledge and expertise to drive innovation that creates security seals and solutions to meet security challenges. During the COVID-19 pandemic, food delivery has increased and with it the risk of pilferage and contamination. Some restaurants seal the bag containing the food with a simple sticker or piece of tape, which can either fall off from heat or moisture or be opened and resealed without notice.

TydenBrooks offers  tamper-evident security labels  that, once applied, cannot be removed or opened without displaying a void message that will alert the receiver to pilferage and possible contamination. A  U.S. Foods survey  results showed that 85% of customers would like restaurants to use tamper-evident labels to protect their food. Our tamper-evident labels are fully customizable giving us the ability to mark them with logos, branding, messaging, and even things such as QR codes with special offers. These labels are heat and moisture resistant, preventing them from peeling off warm food containers. These labels work on a number of surfaces such as cardboard, Styrofoam, and paper. Our tamper-evident labels come on rolls with perforations to easily and quickly remove each label and apply it to the container.

What sets TydenBrooks’ tamper-evident labels apart are our special finger-lift areas on the edge of each label that allow them to be removed from the roll and applied without interference or unwanted sticking. Also, our labels come on a roll, eliminating the backing that would need to be pulled off each label and reducing waste; making them better for the environment. We use smaller boxes so we can fit more per pallet, making packing more efficient; available in high density or five rolls per box. This way you get more for your money when ordering.

Protection at its Finest

As stated before, protecting the public from contamination is the main purpose for using our tamper-evident labels on food delivery. While it is frustrating to notice some of your fries may be missing, the fact that the food is now contaminated with unknown germs is very dangerous. In the end, this not only poses a threat to the public; but will negatively affect the food delivery service and the restaurant when it comes to their brand reputation and the likelihood that the customer will use them again. Sealing your food delivery with tamper-evident labels shows your customers you care and that you take their health and well-being seriously. They will notice your concern and are more likely to become loyal customers.

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, health and safety is top priority for everyone. Even after things have gotten back to normal, we will see people taking precautions and enacting new behaviors when it comes to cleanliness and awareness. This is why it is a great time to enact a tamper-evident label system on your food deliveries. Like with any other chain of custody, making sure your product is safe along each handoff is of utmost importance. This is where TydenBrooks’ innovation and experience step up to meet these challenges and protect you and the public with our top-quality security products.

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