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Restaurants Pivoting to Delivery during COVID-19 Review Your Delivery Insurance Coverage

James Spencer with Southern Insurance Advisors

March 27. 2020

If your restaurant is pivoting to a delivery model here are recommendations.

Consult with your broker/agent to confirm coverage will be in force and what additional information may be required to ensure you are adequately covered during this time.

Make sure your current insurance policy is rated for delivery exposure. Usually, having Uber eats or Door Dash do the delivery does not count as your restaurant doing delivery (this classification can vary by company and state). The concern- if the restaurant has someone employed directly doing the delivery there is a lot more liability on the restaurant for the driver than if delivery was arranged through Uber or Door Dash.

If you are not rated for delivery exposure, but do have the Hired and Non Owned Auto (HNOA) coverage on the policy, check with your provider to see if it’s possible to broaden that coverage during this crisis. Ultimately-secure coverage for the delivery exposure to make sure your business is not at risk.

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