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Policies & tips to consider implementing to mitigate coronavirus in your foodservice operations

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

GAHFN understands you are concerned about the SAFETY of your staff and customers in light of the fluid turn of events with the coronavirus.

Policies to consider implementing to keep your employees and customers safe

Implement single use menus, utensils, tableware, and condiments.

Sanitize tablets that are used as menus after each employee and customer use.

Institute a cashless policy during this period, if possible, this will ultimately reduce the need for cash and coins to be exchanged.

Avoid shaking the hands of guests

Refrain from using phones, desks and other equipment being used by others. Sanitize after each use and wear gloves whenever possible.

Revamp and limit in-person meetings, instead opt for telephone or conference meetings

Place hand sanitizing stations at all entrances and bathrooms

Require all stations to be sanitized using appropriate sanitizing methods after each customer exits (including booths)

Place approved sanitizing wipes at tables, booths and counters for each customer to use to wipe down the area should they choose

Rearrange tables so parties of guests can maintain a 3-6 feet distance from other patrons & parties

Wipe down the credit card machines and POS systems with approve sanitizers

Let your patrons know that you care about their safety by visibly posting the policies you and your staff are implementing to ensure they have the safest dining experience possible



EPA has a list for approved disinfectants for coronavirus:

Foodservice operators should follow cleaning and sanitizing procedures using approved chemicals for any food surface contacts to remain in compliance.

For assistance with sanitation procedures and/or to schedule a cleaning for your foodservice operations click here to get matched with an industry sanitation service provider: