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The Easiest Way to Drive Additional Revenue to your Kitchen

No matter the industry, all business owners have been affected by the Covid19 pandemic - especially the restaurant industry. There are various companies out there that are experimenting with different solutions on how to increase their profits during this time.  Delivery-only food brands have been a common topic in the restaurant industry lately. Did you know that adding a virtual brand to your kitchen can increase your profits by 30%? If you’re not experimenting with delivery-only restaurant concepts, you’re missing out!

Five key points to consider about adding a virtual brand to your existing restaurant:

1. What is the difference between a ghost kitchen and a virtual brand? A ghost kitchen is a commercial kitchen space where delivery-only brands are prepared, packaged, and sent out. These are kitchen spaces that solely rely on virtual brands for their total bottom-line. A virtual brand is a delivery-only menu that is available on 3rd party delivery platforms, such as UberEats and Doordash. These brands can be implemented into existing restaurants’ back of house operations or any commercial kitchen space with the necessary equipment. This can help increase the bottom line of an existing operation.

2. Generate a secondary source of income.  There are many expenses to keep an establishment up and running including rent, utilities, labor, and equipment cost. Adding a virtual brand that will integrate into your existing operations is a great way to maximize the profit in your existing kitchen. Most ghost kitchen concepts do not require additional costs aside from food and packaging you might not already have in house. Choosing a ghost kitchen concept with SKUs from your existing menu allows you to cross utilize a majority of the ingredients.

3. Food delivery services are the way of the future.   In 2021, the use of 3rd party delivery platforms increased by 56% and 92% of consumers plan to stay this way or increase their usage. Because of this, the delivery-only restaurant trend will continue to grow in the coming years. Consumers have learned to love the ease and efficiency of enjoying their favorite food in the comfort of their homes.

4. Maximize your kitchen space. Many kitchens have existing equipment or space that are not being used to their full potential. You might have a flattop grill or fryer that only gets used for a limited number of items on your menu. If your menu is very dinner and late night heavy - chances are, you’re not seeing max profits during lunch hours. Adding a virtual brand during these hours can allow endless possibilities for you to maximize your kitchen space.

5. Gain visibility to a different consumer market. Every restaurant has loyal patrons that choose their restaurant over others. That being said, there is a whole market of consumers out there that you can attract by adding a virtual brand to your kitchen. You may have not gotten their business otherwise. Now is the time to think about adding a virtual brand to your restaurant.

Interested in starting your ghost kitchen? Connect with Emily Horvath at or call/text 407.675.4584

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