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​The Georgia Hospitality & Foodservice Network offers the following services to our member-clients:

  • Menu Analysis

  • Recipe Development

  • Culture Assessment

  • Operations Assessment 

  • Mystery Dining Assessments

  • Management & Leadership Training

  • Customer Service Training

  • Through-put training (how to get out of the weeds)

  • Restaurant & Catering Start-Up Consulting Packages (business plans, opening night, ops systems)

  • Career Growth Packages

                   (LinkedIn Makeovers, Jobseeker outreach)

****Consulting projects are billed by the hour or on retainer****

The Georgia Hospitality & Foodservice Network serves as your trusted restaurant & hospitality advisor. Before you purchase kitchen equipment, settle on an architect, or set up your alcohol program reach out to our team for guidance.

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GAHFN is here to help turn your food and beverage ideas into reality. 

Image by Orlova Maria
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